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DAPAM s.r.l.
Legal Site:

Via Ponte d'Uscio, 2/c
25042 - Borno(BS) Italy
C.F. - P. IVA - Iscr. CCIAA DI BS
N. IT01760180982
Operative Site:
Via Fausto Cadeo, 40
25041 - Boario Terme(BS) Italy
Tel. +39.0364.529172
Fax +39.0364.527952
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

DAPAM S.r.l. is a company specialized in the prevention and defence against the threats of falling rocks and avalanches, consolidation of rocky surfaces, mountains slopes, cliffs and difficult-access zones.

It performs tasks of active and passive defence of mountain slopes, rocky surfaces and mountain land reclamation works, demolition with or without explosives, layout of metallic frame-work and cable-screens to protect roads, railways, urban and industrial habitats. It also performs harnessing of unsteady boulders, creation of barriers against falling rocks, avalanches and snow slides as well as air-works employing helicopters.

It has a Technical Staff for consultation and realization of projects related to the defence of the terrain.

It employs teams of Specialized Rock Climbers in the execution of temporary tasks in high altitude by using a rope-based system of access and positioning.

DAPAM s.r.l. - Via Ponte d'Uscio, 2/c Borno - Brescia - P.iva/CF: 01760180982 - Pec :
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