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The hydro geological adjustment in mountain areas is the sector where a hundred years ago the traditional use of some techniques of slopes adjustment through the use of logs, stones, live twigs, etc. was born. Those techniques have subsequently developed thanks to the availability of new materials and technologies (adhesive polymers for hydro seeding, geosynthetics, etc..) which enabled to reach the nowadays widespread application of bioengineering.

Not secondary in this process is the increasing environmental awareness at all levels, both technical/administrative and social/political.

The major practiced bioengineering techniques are:

- Seeding, hydro seeding and plantations setting;

- Organic and synthetic mats, sometimes combined with networks;

- live wickers and steps;

- live logs stockades and gratings;

- Palisades;

- Grid constructions;

- Wooden and stone bridles;

- Revived gabions and mattresses;

- Green reinforced soil;

- Avalanches and rockfall barriers through embankment revegetation with grass and shrub species.



Gabions and mattresse revived

Gabions - Section


Double palisade mt.1.5

Double palisade mt.2.0

Palisade revived

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